EMUI know the name "Neon Emu" is funky, and that's part of the reason it has stuck around so long. Over the years I have come to define the name with many different characteristics within myself, rather than the 2006 origin of "Well - since no other domains I want are available, it'd be hilarious if this one was!" with my father alongside me brainstorming funny domain names. (He picked www.dot-dash-dot.com which he mostly messes with behind the scenes. Read his URL out loud. Awesome, right?! You're welcome.)

Let's break it down, now -

NEON - I am a bright, energetic, colorful, enthusiastic, joyous, and excitement inducing performer. I want to be on people's minds when they're planning something exciting and huge, I want to remind people of good times, and I want to be a shining example of what following your dreams looks like. Now, re-read these statements while thinking of vegas neon lights and tell me those don't match up. I dare ya!

EMU - Now, this one is a little harder obviously. Because I am definitely not shaped like them, nor do I ingest glass and rocks to help me digest my food (Seriously, look it up!). Let's compare some facts about emus with myself shall we?

  1. Emu legs are among the strongest of any animal, allowing them to rip metal wire fences.
    Have you ever tried carrying 30 adult hula hoops across event grounds? All I'm gonna say here is that I have probably built up some strength from these playful habits of mine. Ha!
  2. The plumage varies regionally, matching the surrounding environment and improving its camouflage.
    I am proficient at costuming for any occasion, so this one is a definite match.
  3. The feather structure prevents heat from flowing into the skin, permitting emus to be active during the midday heat.
    I do seem to have a natural adaptation for fire performance. No wonder it's never bothered me much?

This name has been around since before I even began performing (in 2008) and I just couldn't bare to get rid of it. Through all of my evolutions and changes the name has stayed the same, and I look forward to many more years of growing with it.

But remember, you can still always just call me "Lindsey Savage" - That name's been around a LOT longer. Hehe