Performance, Hoop Classes, Hoop Parties, and More!

Look, nobody needs a super powered, multiple LED and fire hoop wielding, toothy grin inspiring, flame eating, fire fan dancing, children delighting, guest engaging, memory inducing, customizable performer for their event… But don’t you want your event patrons to leave with inspired, awe-struck twinkles in their eyes? Let me help your party be the eye-twinkle inducer; inquire about your event now!

Performances fit for when you need entertainment while soaking in the sun, hanging in the shade outdoors, or would like me to perform on stage with full lighting! Check out my Portfolio section for examples!ResizedDay

Perfect for late evening, night time outdoor events, or dimly lit indoor events - these performance options are where I bring the light and glow straight to you! Check out my Portfolio for examples of these. FireLED

I have tons of high quality, kid and adult sized hula hoops that I can bring out to get your attendees of any age moving! This option is often a huge success with events with bar/bat-mitzvahs, childrens birthday parties, corporate parties, weddings, county fairs, benefits, block parties, and more! No matter what your event is, it will always make more vivid memories when people are actually involved with the entertainment instead of just watching. Let's plan something, send me a booking inquiry form to the right to start brain storming!Event Class  

Outlined, pre-planned hula hoop classes to help teach anywhere from the basics of hula hooping to advanced hula hoop tricks; perfect for any age! Hula hooping involves muscle memory and even the smallest tips have turned people from "I can't"s to "I CAN"s in less than a minute. Nothing feels quite like finally nailing a new skill! These interactive sessions can be held at a venue of your choosing and pre-arrangement, or at my home in Central Omaha. Inquire through my contact form to the right for pricing and details! TeachingSm

An always imaginative, multi-propped, creative model ready to brain storm up costume ideas for any theme you can imagine. With multiple fire, LED, UV reactive, and other specialized performance gear ready to be worked in to any shoot, you won't be able to find a more varied model for your project. Photo by Jordan Perdue

Now offering One on One online classes or Group Web Classes! If you're a solo hooper who just wants to learn a few things you've seen me do, or maybe you're just bored in a small town and don't have a hoop buddy near by. I am also available to do group lessons as well via video chat with up to three people besides myself!

Whether solo or in a group, each customer will have their own fee per hour we're scheduled. Just fill out the booking form to the right and let me know what you're thinking! My schedule is flexible and I would be thrilled to help you learn more about this amazing moving meditation and super fun performance art.


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